What is Church?

Although many may think of church as a building, church is really about people

churchBridgnorth Baptist Church is a group of ordinary people who have given their lives to Jesus and become Christians because they believe that He is the only way to have a relationship with God our Father. We have committed ourselves to try to live lives which reflect the changes Jesus has made in our lives and which follow the bible as the revealed truth about God and the way He wants us to live. We are far from perfect people but we know that God’s Holy Spirit lives in the people who follow Jesus and we look for Him to work in our lives to enable us to be faithful and useful disciples

We are called a Baptist church because we baptise people who have chosen to follow Jesus. Baptism is when we submerge people in water as a symbol of new life in Jesus. People choose to be baptised as a public sign of their commitment and as an act of obedience to God

We meet together regularly in large and small groups to pray, worship God, share communion, study the bible and encourage one another through the ups and downs of life. Communion is where we share bread and wine together as symbols of Jesus death to remember what He did for us, so we can thank Him.

We also commit ourselves to sharing the good news that everyone can have a relationship with God through Jesus. Everyone can receive forgiveness for the mistakes they have made and relief from the hurts they carry, and can have a life beyond this one, all through Jesus who gave His life to set us free.

Bridgnorth Baptist Church does not hold itself as an exclusive group but enjoys being part of the larger world church made up of everyone who calls Jesus Lord and Saviour in whichever part of the church or the world they belong

As a church we are concerned for other people around us and further afield and happily join with other Christians to contribute to helping those in trouble and supporting those in need

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