What We Believe

We believe the following:

  • There is one Eternal God who is revealed in 3 persons—the Father; the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • That Jesus is the Son of God; that He came to Earth in human form, born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, physically died on the cross, was raised to life and ascended back into heaven where He now intercedes on behalf of those who accept Him as their personal Saviour and Lord. That He will return in the future to receive those who have accepted Him who will live and reign with Him eternally.
  • The Bible, old and new testament, is the inspired Word of God to reveal and teach us God’s ways and His character and how He wants us to relate to Him, other people and the whole of His creation. The bible is the authoritative basis for spiritually healthy Christian life, lifestyle and church operation; all choices, decisions and declarations need to defer to the bible as the inspired word of God and so the underpinning authority.
  • That everyone has sinned resulting in separation from God. Acceptance by God is possible only and exclusively through believing personally that Jesus died for our sin and accepting His offer of forgiveness. The Holy Spirit comes to indwell believing, forgiven sinners who become members of God’s family and so receive eternal life.

  • That the Holy Spirit lives in all Christian believers working in us to convict us of our sin and to empower us with His gifts and character so that our lives are increasingly changed, enabling us to be effective witnesses of the power of Jesus Christ to transform lives and to become representatives of God on Earth so becoming more like Him.
  • That those who refuse to accept Jesus as their personal Saviour and Lord not only reject the offer of eternal life but will endure judgment and eternal separation from God.
  • That we are called to be members of both the Universal Church—the Body of Christ, to which all believers belong, and the Local Church —the expression of Jesus Christ in a community which under the guidance of the Holy Spirit seeks to tangibly express the love of God to everyone, believers and those who do not yet believe.
  • That Christian Baptism is immersion in water in the name of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit of those who have personally accepted Jesus as their Saviour and Lord and who wish to publicly profess their allegiance to Him.

Our Core Values


We’re determined to be authentic in living out our faith – the Bible says we should worship God in spirit and in truth, i.e. reality. If our faith is a sham we won’t be believed and trust will be forfeited


The Bible says that King David in the Old Testament served the Lord in his generation. Our society and culture is different than in previous generations and Bridgnorth is different to other communities so we need to be appropriate and relevant in what we do and the way we do it. The message of the Gospel hasn’t changed but some of the methods we employ to share God’s love will need to


Church is a people business and our goal is come alongside people where we can to encourage, support, care for and build into their lives. We’d rather be known as a church where people make friends than a friendly church.

Of course we long to grow both numerically and in terms of spiritual maturity, using the gifts and talents that God has placed in us and achieving the purposes and plans He has for us.