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Please note that, while we are unable to meet physically in church or small groups at this time, we continue to be church.

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How would you like to hear the sound of all the people of Bridgnorth singing together this Christmas?

In a time of great uncertainty, and isolation for some, the churches in Bridgnorth would like to encourage everyone to join together outside their homes this Christmas as we sing the carol that is voted Bridgnorth’s favourite.

You can help to decide by casting your vote now.

We’d also like you to choose when the sing-along should take place. On Christmas Eve at 6pm, 7pm, or 8pm? Or on Christmas Day at 4pm, 5pm, or 6pm?

The deadline for casting your votes is Saturday 28 November.

Details of the winning carol, the date and time, and how to join in will be publicised closer to Christmas. Our plan is to make a video available, to be streamed at the chosen time for us all to sing along to.

While we don’t know yet what restrictions will be in place this Christmas, we do know that we can sing together – at a distance – outside. So, let’s make the most of it, and come together as a community, to bring some joy and light to our town!

For more information, please call Catherine Brown on 01746 768129 or email